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YGG-Yield Guild Games

YGG is a DAO that invests and acquires NFT assets in the form of virtual objects in blockchain games, then rents them out to players to earn passive income.

YGG (Yield Gaming Guild) is a global community that allows anyone to become a player or investor. They collect funds from investors to purchase NFT assets such as virtual land, weapons, and characters in blockchain games, then rent them out to players in exchange for revenue sharing.

YGG creates a fi-gaming ecosystem where players can make money by playing games while supporting the adoption of NFT-based games through community, education, and access facilitation. They are also working with blockchain game developers and other NFT projects with the goal of building an open economy and providing access for all to the metaverse of the future.

An example of YGG (Yield Gaming Guild) usage in a sentence

“YGG is a DAO that facilitates revenue sharing from NFT-based games.”

“By joining YGG, players can rent NFT assets needed for specific games.”

“YGG’s investment in gaming NFT assets supports the development of an inclusive gaming-fi ecosystem.”

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