Description and Definition of What is ERC-948
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ERC-948 is a token standard on Ethereum specifically for representing various types of single-use digital assets such as tickets, vouchers, coupons, membership cards, etc.

ERC-948 was introduced by Ahmed Abdulla in June 2021 to enable the issuance of tokens representing single-use virtual assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Each
token contains metadata that defines the asset type, provider, validity period, and terms & conditions.


Some of the main features of ERC-948:

  • Represents a variety of disposable assets.
  • Asset metadata is stored in tokens
  • Business rules and validation for each token
  • Role of issuer and token holder

Examples of ERC-948 usage in a sentence

“Our e-commerce platform supports an ERC-948 token-based shopping voucher system that is transparent and traceable on the blockchain.”

“Music event organizers issue concert ticket NFTs via the ERC-948 standard with various price tiers.”

“ERC-948 is suitable for restaurant customer loyalty programs that issue blockchain food discount coupons.”



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