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An algorithm is a series of instructions, or defined and ordered steps, used to solve a computational problem or carry out mathematical calculations programmatically. 

Algorithms are written in the form of code or pseudocode, so they can be converted into computer programs. The steps in the algorithm must be clear and unambiguous, sequential, and produce the desired solution or output.

The quality of the algorithm is assessed by speed, accuracy of results, efficiency of memory use, ease of implementation, and understanding. Algorithms are categorized according to their functions, such as sorting algorithms, search, optimization, data compression, graphic programming, cryptography, and others.


Examples of “algorithms” in use in a sentence


“Software developers need to design sorting algorithms so that user data is sorted quickly.”


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work by implementing complex cryptographic algorithms.”


“Fintech companies are implementing sophisticated predictive algorithms for credit scoring and risk management.”



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