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Mining dan Trading - Indodax Academy

Did you know? In the world of crypto assets, there are many ways to make a profit. The two most famous ways are trading and mining. So, what is the difference between the two methods?

Mining is one of the processes to get Bitcoin and or other crypto assets. The mining process is usually carried out by thousands of computers around the world that are connected to the internet and not by individuals or companies.

But, what exactly is mining activity?

Well, mining is usually done to mine through crypto assets by recording the transaction system from one crypto asset to another.

For example, the recording of the Bitcoin crypto asset is carried out on the blockchain. Well, this mining process will receive the value of the crypto asset compensation for the mining carried out. Usually, the form of compensation is in the form of crypto assets that we mine!

Then, what is trading?

So, trading itself is taken from the word in English which means “trade”. As the name suggests, trading is an activity of buying or selling crypto assets, where you can gain trading profits from the difference between the buying and selling prices.

For example, you buy a crypto asset at a low price. Then, when the price goes up, you can sell it! Later, the difference from the price will be your profit.

Trading can be done in crypto asset marketplaces, such as INDODAX which allows anyone to make transactions for buying and selling crypto assets.

Well, how? Do you have been know the difference between trading and mining? Approximately, between these two methods, which do you think is more suitable to get more profit?

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