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OKB - Indodax Academy

OKB crypto asset is a global utility launched by the OK Blockchain Foundation in March 2018. Crypto asset are supported by advanced technology and a token economy model, allowing them to connect prospective crypto asset projects with OKEx users as well as professional investors and create an OKEx ecosystem that helps develop blockchain technology development and the crypto asset industry.

The OKB crypto asset team is also reported to have increased its momentum for expansion with overseas Fiat-to-Crypto exchanges, with the aim of making OKB one of the top native tokens supporting the most direct buying and selling of fiat currencies.

From about 300 million OKB that have been announced, until this video was made, there are already around 60 million OKB that have been circulating in the world. So, there is still the possibility of a price drop or a drastic increase that this crypto asset can experience. OKB’s market capitalization is currently around 300 million USD.

OKB crypto assets cannot be obtained through mining, but Indodax is here to be a place for traders who want to have OKB easily and quickly.

Data and Information

OKB (OKB) is a crypto and operates on the Ethereum platform and is published by the OK Blockchain Foundation. OKB currently has a supply of 300,000,000 with 60,000,000 in circulation. OKB has liquidity and value that is beneficial to OKB holders and OKEx users. Based on the limited supply and proper repurchase and incineration program, OKB promises sustainable development and is ideal for more prospective cases.


OKB is a Utility Token used in the development of the Okex exchange

  • OK pool is a crypto asset mining pool
  • OK Capital is an investment fund focused on the blockchain industry.
  • B-labs is an incubator focused on Blockchain projects in the early stages.
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