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Solve.Care is a healthcare technology company that provides a blockchain-based healthcare platform to improve manageable healthcare systems worldwide.

It was founded in 2017 by Pradeep Goel, who has more than 30 years of experience in the IT, Health and Insurance fields. He is also heavily involved with President Bush and President Obama on health benefits sites in the United States.

The main philosophy of Solve.Care is that for health systems to work better, patients must be made sovereign and empowered to take charge of their healthcare journey. This means changing the way health care data is managed today.

Well, nowadays, all data is stored on a server which is responsible for all other stakeholders in health care; such as health care providers, insurance companies, and governments.

It is changing that by decentralizing the way and how data is stored and managed. With its services, this also allows each patient to have complete control over their data, where data is stored on individual patient nodes, through the use of blockchain technology.

When a patient needs health, the patient can give consent for his data to be shared or services based on the consent of the relevant provider, and this can be automated with the use of smart contracts.

Solve.Care provides a complete blockchain-based healthcare system platform, where Solve.Care creates a distinct digital health network. These Digital Health Networks are called Care Networks, which were created and launched to serve different healthcare purposes.

You can access Care Networks using the Solve.Care health management app called Care.Wallet, which can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Also, all of these health networks use SOLVE coin, which is a digital coin from Solve.Care that can be used to pay for services or other health care transactions.

Furthermore, the Solve.Care platform is also an open platform, which means anyone can use the platform to build Care Networks to serve healthcare needs. You can even earn money from building and operating this network, you know!

The newest Care Networks that has been launched is the Global Telehealth Exchange, or GTHE for short. GTHE is the world’s first global blockchain-based tele-consultation network that can connect with doctors across national borders. GTHE can also make it easier for patients to find specialists in other countries at a low cost.

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