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ERC-777 is an advanced fungible token standard on Ethereum that was introduced as an upgrade to the ERC-20 token standard by adding new security features and functionality.


ERC-777 was first proposed by Jordi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon, and Thomas Shababi in November 2017 as a proposed new token standard on Ethereum. The goal is to improve the ERC-20 standard with more features and backward compatibility for existing ERC-20 applications.


Some key features added by ERC-777 over ERC-20:

  • More secure from transfer failures and attacks
  • Native support for token escrow, hold, and cancellation
  • Custom logic and advanced functionality via the tokenRecipient function
  • Optional data operators that enable a more flexible token business model

Examples of ERC-777 usage in a sentence:

“ERC-777 supports a more complex token business model than ERC-20 thanks to additional capabilities such as data operators and token recipients.”


“With the adoption of the ERC-777 standard, the transfer and approval of our tokens become more gas-efficient and secure from attacks.”


“Our decentralized exchange application is ready to upgrade to support new tokens based on the ERC-777 standard.”

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