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Yellow Paper is a term that refers to an official technical specification document that describes the design, operation, and implementation of a blockchain protocol in detail and formally, written in a mathematical academic style.

The Yellow Paper is the ultimate reference document for understanding in depth how a blockchain protocol works. It provides a comprehensive explanation of all aspects of the protocol, including data structures, code execution, consensus mechanisms, and more, in a formal language and rigorous mathematical notation.

Although the use of language and notation like this may be unfamiliar to most programmers, the Yellow Paper is intended to be a formal and authoritative source for understanding how blockchain protocols work technically. It serves as a reference specification for developers, researchers, and anyone who wants to study the internal details of the protocol in depth.

Yellow Papers are usually written by the founder or lead developer of a blockchain protocol, and are often updated by other contributors over time to reflect changes or updates to the protocol. Yellow Paper is often licensed under open licenses such as Creative Commons, which allows it to be freely used, distributed, and modified, provided proper attribution is given.


Example of Yellow Paper usage in a sentence

“If you want to understand how the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism on Bitcoin works in detail, you should refer to the Bitcoin Yellow Paper.”

“Ethereum protocol developers often use the Ethereum Yellow Paper as a reference when discussing proposed protocol changes or updates.”

“Even though the Yellow Paper is written in strict mathematical notation, it is an authoritative source for understanding the design and technical specifications of a blockchain protocol.”

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