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Waves Coin- Kamus INDODAX Academy

Waves is a dedicated open platform for Web 3.0 applications with a decentralized solution and supported by tools designed to make the process of developing and running dApps easier. The platform is driven by the crypto asset of the same name namely WAVES.

Crypto assets invented by Sasha Ivanov in 2016, can combine a cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to create your own crypto assets/tokens easily and securely. This feature is also strengthened by its integration with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and special extensions for Visual Studio Code that can make it easier for developers to create and work with smart contracts.

In addition, users can also use the Waves platform to create wallets for crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and invest in other verified crypto assets, as well as provide a secure gateway for fiat currencies. However, transactions on this platform can only be made with selected tokens, however all transaction fees can only be paid using WAVES.

The Waves platform also uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model and algorithm – WAVES-NG so as to ensure a secure gateway and fast transactions. Until this video was made, there have been around 101 million Waves that have been circulating in the world. Waves cannot be obtained through mining, however, Indodax is here to be a place for traders who want to have Waves easily and quickly.

  • Waves Keeper

Waves Keeper is a browser extension that allows users to manage their private keys and interact securely and seamlessly with Web services and dApps that support Waves.

  • Wave Explorer

Waves Explorer shows all transactions and information related to transactions.

  • Waves DEX

Waves DEX is a Waves Decentralized Exchange where anyone can buy and sell tokens. With all the advantages of a centralized exchange, people can also control their funds from the platform.

  • Waves Wallet

Waves Wallet allows users to join the ecosystem and enjoy various digital asset management features.

  • Tokenomica

Tokenomica is a complete digital trading ecosystem, various investment products, security token issuance platform, broker dealer and consulting services.

  • Waves Enterprise

Waves Enterprise chain is a licensed (managed) public blockchain network designed for public enterprises and institutions

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