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In the blockchain world, publishing a white paper is one of the key steps required for a crypto project to be considered legitimate and professional. This is because white papers can help users to understand the project and its advantages.

So, what is a white paper?

Whitepaper is known as a document released by each crypto project that contains technical information about the concept of the crypto asset, as well as the project’s roadmap including how it plans to grow and succeed.

The whitepaper also includes an outline of the problem that the project will solve, and the solution to that problem. This includes the objectives and the technology used behind the project.

In the past, these documents were often produced by government agencies, consultants, and financial institutions who needed to present their research findings in a concise format.

However, with the widespread growth and adoption of content marketing, white papers are becoming more common and are also used by other industries, especially the crypto asset industry which uses white papers to introduce new types of coins or to conduct Initial Coin Offerings or ICO!

Most crypto projects choose to upload their white paper directly on their website as a way of publishing it. Apart from the website, they also usually upload it via GitHub, crypto asset forums, and others. What only needs to be ensured from the publication of this white paper is that users can easily access the white paper.

White paper publications are usually accompanied by a one pager, or a summary of the crypto project which consists of only one page, and a position paper, which is detailed information about their competition and advantages compared to other crypto projects.

However, there are also companies that do not have white papers and instead issue black papers, and they even prefer to do explanation videos or presentations about their crypto projects.

But, don’t worry! Because, it doesn’t matter, you can still study the crypto project with other published elements! So, you can still use it as a reference in choosing what crypto asset you want to own!

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