Application Programming Interface (API)
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Application Programming Interface (API)

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The term “API” has been used generically to describe the connectivity interface to an application.

API stands for application programming interface that allows software to communicate with each other.

In addition, the API can make a system or application send requests and receive responses in the specified format.

The API has various communication formats and protocols, such as REST (Representational State Transfer), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and GraphQL.

All of them can be used to access various types of resources, including data, web services, hardware, and more.

An example of using the API is every time you use a rideshare app or send a mobile payment, and you are already using the API.

When you use any of these applications, they connect to the Internet and send data to servers.

The server then takes that data, interprets it, takes the necessary actions, and sends it back to your phone.

The application then interprets that data and presents the information you want in a readable way.

The API functions as a liaison between applications and databases because the API is a bridge between applications that allows data exchange.

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