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In crypto, the term buy wall refers to a situation with a large pool of buy orders placed at or close to the current market price on a trading platform.

The buy wall visualization resembles a wall because it displays a large buildup of buy orders at a certain price level in the order book chart. When a significant number of buy orders are placed at a certain price level, this creates a “wall” appearance on the chart. A buy wall can appear as a thick horizontal line on the order book chart indicating high demand at that price.

When there is a buy wall that looks strong, this could indicate that many traders are interested in buying crypto assets at that price. As a result, a buy wall can provide price support or resistance because it increases the probability that the price will not break down that level, meaning that the price will tend to move up or sideways after reaching the buy wall.

However, remember that buy walls can also be removed (executed) by traders. If there is strong selling pressure, the buy wall can be crushed as buy orders are removed or filled by larger sell orders.

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