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Atomic swap is a technology for direct peer-to-peer exchange of crypto assets between users using smart contracts without going through an exchange or broker. Transactions are atomic, meaning they succeed or fail as a whole.


The way atomic swaps work utilizes smart contract filled with exchange rules for both parties. They deposit a certain amount of funds into the contract and exchange kriptografi keys privately to claim and move the funds to their respective wallets.


This decentralized technology eliminates the role of third parties, so transactions are faster, cheaper, and safer. An atomic swap was first carried out between Decred and Litecoin in 2017 on the basis of HTLC (Hashed Timelock Contracts).


Examples of atoms in use in sentences:

“Atomic swap technology allows direct exchange from ETH to BTC without going through an exchange.”

“With atomic swap, users can exchange XRP for XMR instantly and securely without the risk of fraud.”

Atomic swaps between Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly popular due to their cheap and fast transaction fees.”

“I can directly exchange XRP for ZEC using atomic swap without needing to cash out to fiat first.”



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