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Coin are a type of crypto asset that runs directly on the blockchain system. For example, BTC that operates and functions on the Bitcoin blockchain or ETH that operates and functions on the ethereum blockchain.

Coin transactions can be made from one person to another. However, as is characteristic of crypto in general, there are no physical coins that move when we send and receive them. All “coins” exist as data on a global database. This database is located on the blockchain which can track all transactions and is checked and verified by computers all over the world.

Then, what is the difference with tokens? A token is a type of crypto asset that uses an existing network on the blockchain system. In other words, the token rides on an existing and trusted network in the blockchain system.
The most famous example of a standard token from the ethereum network is ERC-twenty. ERC stands for ethereum request for comment, and the number twenty in ERC-twenty serves as the identity of the proposal.
There are many tokens that ride on the ethereum network and use the ERC-twenty standard, some of which are LINK, MANA, and SAND.
Not only that, along with the growing technology, Binance Smart Chain also issued a BEP-twenty network which is also often used as a token standard. This BEP-twenty network is also used by many tokens. For example SHIB, CAKE, BAKE.

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