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CPUMiner - Kamus

CPUMiner is the name for a computer that mines Bitcoin. At the beginning of Bitcoin mining history, miners simply used code issued by Satoshi Nakamoto and ran it on ordinary computers.

The way to increase the yield of mined Bitcoins is to increase the number of computers being mined. As the algorithm’s completion speed increases, the ‘difficulty’ also increases, so the cost of running CPU power in the form of electricity is no longer comparable to the Bitcoins that can be obtained from this mining process.

How CPU Mining works

CPUMiner uses computer hardware to perform blockchain-related computations. You can use regular laptops and desktops to mine coins and then store them with crypto asset storage software. Crypto asset miners use the CPU to run hashing functions until they find the correct result. After solving block mining problems, they receive block rewards in coins belonging to the network.

Depending on the configuration, the CPU relies on a solitary center, double-center, or quad-center processor. More centers allow processors to consistently meet different CPU mining guidelines.

Some CPUs can envision two centers for each accessible center and facilitate hyper-threading indirectly. Although hyper-threading suggests doubling the potential power, the real center performs better than the virtual one. Some miners connect two or more CPU processors to servers and workstations based on Intel and AMD processors.

CPUMiner typically utilizes a proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism to prove job completion, add new coins, and qualify for rewards. Its success depends on two technical capabilities of the CPU:

  1. The hash rate measures the odds of solving a cryptographic puzzle required to receive a mining reward. It is measured in hashes per second (h/s). CPU chip mining measures the hash rate in kilo hashes per second (kh/s). Even the best CPUs can hit a hash rate of 8-20 kh/s.
  2. Energy use efficiency measures overall energy consumption in hashes per kilowatt-hour. This evaluation helps miners compare electricity rewards and costs.

Some CPUMiner also builds multi-CPU mining rigs by connecting multiple CPUs. The idea here is to combine and concentrate the power of multiple CPUs in a single computer. Servers and workstations with such a setup require a custom made server board or motherboard with multiple cores and threads.

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