Description and Definition of Bullish Flag
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A bullish flag is a price pattern formation in technical analysis that shows a potential signal that prices will rise (bullish).

Bullish flag formation is characterized by a price consolidation pattern after a sharp uptrend. The upward price trend line will slow down as volatility decreases, forming a flag-like pattern with a small slope angle. If accompanied by a decrease in trading volume, the bullish flag signal becomes stronger. Generally, there will be an upward price breakout after this consolidation phase.


Examples of “bullish flag” in use in sentences

“Analysts predict that Bitcoin prices will rise again after forming a bullish flag pattern over the last 3 days.”

“Traders wait for a breakout signal from the bullish flag formation on the Ethereum price chart to open a buy position.”

“Market players are wary of the potential for further bullish movement if a bullish flag signal is confirmed in the cryptocurrency market.”



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