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A bear trap is a situation in the crypto market where the price of a cryptocurrency asset experiences a drastic decline in a short period of time, causing investors to panic about selling their assets, but after that, the price rises again quickly.

A bear trap occurs when crypto prices drop suddenly, causing many traders and investors to panic and sell their crypto for fear of deeper losses. After the mass sale, crypto prices actually increased drastically in a short time.

This panic selling action by traders was trapped by crypto price movements. They were forced to sell at a loss, while prices then rose again. Bear traps make many traders lose money in the cryptocurrency market.


Examples of “bear trap” usage in sentences

“Market players are concerned that Bitcoin is entering a bear trap when its price falls 15% in one day but then rises again to its initial level.”

“Last week’s ethereum bear trap caused many novice traders to panic and lose because they were trapped selling at the lowest price conditions.”

“Yesterday’s XRP price fluctuations are suspected to be a bear trap that was deliberately carried out to trick investors into selling.”



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