Bitcoin Dominance (BTCD)
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Bitcoin Dominance (BTCD)

Bitcoin dominance (BTCD) is a ratio that measures the percentage of Bitcoin’s market capitalization to the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization.

Bitcoin dominance (BTCD) is calculated by dividing the Bitcoin market capitalization by the total crypto market capitalization, then multiplying by 100%. The higher the dominance number (BTCD), the greater the role of Bitcoin in the overall crypto market. Bitcoin (BTCD) dominance once reached 70%, but is now around 40% due to the growth of altcoins.


Examples of “bitcoin dominance” in use in sentences


“Bitcoin dominance decreased from 60% to 40% in 2021 as many investors switched to altcoins.”

“If Bitcoin dominance increases, then money flows from altcoins towards Bitcoin.”

“Analysts see the decreasing trend in Bitcoin dominance in recent years as an indication of the growth of the crypto ecosystem as a whole.”



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