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Blue chips in crypto are digital currencies with large market value and liquidity that have been proven to survive in the long term. Blue chips are generally in the top 10 in market capitalization.

Blue chip crypto traits include multi-billion dollar market caps, high daily trading volumes, and the ability to survive multiple market cycles. Blue chips such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have performed well in recent years. Blue chips are considered “safe” investments with low risk and large upside potential in the long term.


Examples of “bullish flag” in use in sentences


Bitcoin and Ethereum are known as blue chips in the cryptocurrency industry due to their enormous market size and liquidity.”

“Many analysts advise novice investors to start by investing in blue chip cryptocurrencies such as BNB and SOL.”

“Market observers expect the dominance of blue chips such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to continue for the foreseeable future due to their wide level of institutional adoption.”




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