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Digital asset are non-physical assets that are locked by cryptographic codes or passwords and also have value. These digital assets can be accessed as long as they have an internet network.

The creation process is carried out through a complicated mathematical and encryption process, usually this digital asset is decentralized where there is no person or institution that regulates this digital asset. Digital assets are easy to access anywhere, can be sent anywhere, are more transparent and easy to track.

So digital assets are not only efficient, but also have low transaction costs without depending on the working days of financial institutions.

A digital asset is generally anything that is created and stored digitally, can be identified and discovered, and has or provides value. Digital assets are becoming more popular and valuable as technology advances are integrated into our personal and professional lives. Data, images, videos, written content and more have long been considered digital assets with proprietary rights.

Most digital goods, such as corporate brands, can be assigned a value, monetary or intangible. Some digital items may only be valuable to the creator or one person, such as a family photo on your phone taken at a meeting. Others can be valuable to a wider audience.

In the past, digital assets such as scanned data or documents were owned and used by organizations to create value. However, when blockchain and crypto assets were introduced in 2009, digital assets were redefined again. Anything in digital form becomes something that can be used to create value through tokenization on the blockchain.

One well-known digital asset, for example, is bitcoin, and what makes Digital Asset Transactions more attractive are:

  1. 24 hour market activity
  2. Market activity from all over the world
  3. High price fluctuation
  4. Technological innovation that continues to grow
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