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Vexanium is an open blockchain protocol used to create smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) on top of its network. Vexanium Blockchain was launched by a team from Indonesia who are members of a non-profit organization called the Vexanium Foundation since 2018. However, from mid-2019 until now, the blockchain is controlled in a fully decentralized manner by block producers, or in other words, a community with Delegated consensus. Proof of Stake.

With the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, they allow developers or programmers to create blockchain, DeFi, or NFT applications with transaction speeds of less than one second. You can check GitHub to learn more about how to create blockchain applications, you know!

Apart from that, they also have several advantages over other blockchains. Want to know? The first advantage, in terms of scalability. The network can accommodate 1500-2000 transactions per second, whereas most other blockchain platforms can only accommodate 10-100 transactions per second.

Second, Vexanium does not charge per transaction like most platforms which usually require a transaction fee for each transaction. This is because the Vexanium blockchain uses a fee model resource. The third advantage, Vexanium uses a very basic programming language, namely C++. Fourth, the Vexanium blockchain leverages DPoS consensus enabling blockchain governance systems.

And the last advantage is that they have freezing and anti-theft features, so the blockchain is able to update invalid or incorrect contract code without involving a hard fork. Well, there are already lots of dApps or blockchain applications on the network! If you’re curious, you can see it on

Currently, almost all types of Lego DeFi are already on the Vexanium blockchain. For example, Decentralized Money Market and Decentralized Stablecoins such as VYNDAO, Decentralized Exchange such as Unydex, Decentralized Auto Market Maker (AMM) such as VexSwap, and Yield Optimizer such as Baso Finance.

Oh yes, you can also start using Vex Wallet, to try these dApps and DeFi directly, you know! This Vexanium blockchain wallet application is your entrance to the world of blockchain. With Vex Wallet, you can store your VEX coins, and can be used to use dApps and other ecosystems as well.

Until this video was made, there are about 700 million Vexanium circulating in the world and it is planned to reach about 1 billion Vexanium. For that, Indodax is here as a place for traders or developers who want to have VEX easily and quickly.

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