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Google Authenticator

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Google Authenticator (GA) is a free security application that can protect user accounts from password theft. This application is also easy to operate and can protect user accounts with the Two-Step Verification or two-F-A method.

Now, how do you activate the Google Authenticator (GA) feature on your Indodax account?

  1. First, visit and log in to your Indodax account.
  2. Then, click on the Google Authenticator menu section. Before activating Google Authenticator on your account, make sure you have downloaded the Google Authenticator application on the App Store or Playstore first.
  3. After the Google Authenticator application is installed, you can scan the QR Code that has appeared on the Indodax Google Authenticator page by using the Google Authenticator application on your cellphone or device.
  4. After that, enter the PIN that appears on the cellphone in the PIN column below the QR Code image.
  5. Then, click Save.

If you use the same device to use the Google Authenticator and Indodax applications, you can use the Setup Key, where you only need to copy and paste the characters under the existing barcode. Then, enter the code in the Google Authenticator application. Then, click Save.

From now on, every time you log in to Indodax you will be asked to enter a code from Google Authenticator.

Indodax will also ask for a PIN every time the process of withdrawing crypto assets or Rupiah to tighten the security of your account. For that, make sure the PIN you give is only official to Indodax, right!

The Two-Step Verification method can increase the security of your account in layers without going through customer support. You can also check the device that is logging in to your Indodax account via this security page. There is also a change password feature that makes it easier for you.

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