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Verification Code

Kode Verifikasi - Indodax Academy

A verification code is a security protection method used to prevent internet bots from abusing or even sending spam to various online services.

If you’ve ever been asked to crack a captcha while visiting a website and trying to fill out a form, then you already know what it looks like.

A captcha is a randomly generated code that appears as an image above a text box. Site visitors need to type in the same code that appears in the image for the form data to be submitted. Each time the form is accessed, a different code will appear. Captcha images are often a bit difficult to decipher, even for humans, thus preventing bots from being able to read them.

In addition to the captcha image, another form of verification is the Google Verification code, which is a short numeric code sent directly to users, usually by phone or email that is used to verify their identity.

Users may need to enter this code every time they try to create an account on Google, reset their password, or sign in from another unknown device to their account for the first time.

Note that this form of verification code is not limited to Google, which is just one of many similar options. Any service can provide verification services to website builders and users. This service is typically used for traditional banking accounts and two-factor authentication (2FA) crypto assets, which require a high level of security.

The verification code can also be a 4-digit PIN code sent to your cellphone via SMS. But you can also call and take the last 4 digits of the number calling your number. Sending a code using this method serves to verify your mobile number. This code can only be used once.

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