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KardiaChain - Indodax Academy

KardiaChain is the first interoperable and self-optimized blockchain ecosystem that is decentralized and pushes the current boundaries by solving one problem facing blockchain technology, namely the fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem.

KardiaChain is capable of connecting any type of blockchain by facilitating “non-invasive” interoperability, or which means a network of different blockchains, regardless of the protocol, and being able to connect to KardiaChain without requiring any technical changes or reconstruction.

The aim of this is to create a unified ecosystem that combines the common strengths of all participants, and lays the foundation for the upcoming mass adoption of blockchain. This allows blockchains to fully retain their ownership while significantly reducing time and costs.

KardiaChain also provides hybrid blockchain infrastructure and solutions for enterprises and governments, especially in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. One of KardiaChain’s many unique features is that it allows users to interact with KardiaChain to trigger events on one chain, leading to different chain results.

KardiaChain’s ultimate solution is Dual Master Node (or Dual Node for short), a new patent-pending technology, which will completely revolutionize multi-chain exchanges. With Dual Node, users will be able to exchange tokens from any blockchain ecosystem without integration from partner chains.

KardiaChain was discovered by Tri Pham as CEO and Huy Nguyen as CTO. KardiaChain was first released in October 2018, and was followed by a release two years later, in December 2020. Oh yes, KardiaChain also has its own token called KAI, you know!

Until this video was made, there have been around 2 billion KAI circulating in the world and it is planned to reach around 5 billion KAI. For that, Indodax is here as a place for traders or developers who want to have KAI easily and quickly.

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