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Listing - Indodax Academy

On trading platforms, Indodax, you can buy and sell crypto assets that are traded as one of the #AsetMasaDepan. However, to be able to trade on Indodax, a crypto asset must go through a listing process first.

Listing is the process of recording a crypto asset on a crypto exchange so that it can be traded. A crypto-asset can be listed on Indodax if the asset has passed the stage of passing the due diligence process which is an investigation, audit, and review of potential investment products to confirm the facts behind the product (due diligence). In addition, these crypto-assets must also have a good and clear background. At Indodax, crypto-assets can be listed on the Rupiah market or the USDT market.

how can delisting happen? Delisting has the opposite meaning, namely a crypto asset that will undergo a process of deletion from a crypto exchange and cannot be traded anymore.

Not for any reason, if this deletion or delisting occurs, it is usually due to certain causes or conditions, friends! For example, due to the failure of the blockchain system on crypto assets or the prohibition to trade crypto assets by a regulator or government.

There are many factors that can influence an exchange’s decision to write off an asset. Some of these factors are listed below:

  1. Overall team commitment to the project
  2. Quality and level of development activities
  3. Project network and/or smart contract stability
  4. Public communication level of the project team
  5. Responsive to due diligence requests from exchanges
  6. Evidence of unethical or fraudulent behavior
  7. Does the project contribute to a healthy and sustainable blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem
  8. Another reason, where the exchange is deemed to do business with the project is unacceptable or risky.
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