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Malware - Indodax Academy

Along with the times and the advancement of technology, more and more types of crime have emerged, one of which is cybercrime. The rise of cybercrime that has occurred recently requires us to be more concerned and have knowledge in order to maintain our digital financial experience.

This one cybercrime is a term to describe malicious software. The term malware is taken from a combination of two words, namely “malicious” which means “evil intent”, and “software” which means “software”. The goal, of course, is to damage or steal data from the device that the malware enters.

Malware is software created with the intention of entering and sometimes damaging computer systems, networks, or servers without the owner knowing. Malware can include any software used to steal, manipulate, delete, and even spy on a system.

Malware can also be spread through a number of methods, although most are done via the Internet, email, private messages, or web pages. Not only computer devices, but website servers are also victims of malware, you know!

Along with the times and increasingly advanced technology, cyber crime is a type of crime that we must be very careful about. So, to prevent you from being attacked and cybercrime, here are some tips!

  1. Use a strong password, consisting of a combination of lowercase, uppercase, symbols, and numbers, or you can change your password regularly!
  2. Avoid using unlicensed software! Instead of being useful, unlicensed software can contain harmful viruses or malware that can be used to steal important data on our devices.
  3. Check your financial transaction history! Make sure you always check the transaction history of your debit card, credit card, or e-wallet. If you find any suspicious transaction records, you must report them immediately.
  4. Make sure the website you are going to visit is an official website like Indodax, and if you receive an email, also make sure that the email is really an official email. And most importantly, double-check the content and sender of the email, and don’t just click on the link sent!
  5. Be careful when sharing personal information on social media! Today, social media is a means for people to express themselves. However, we should not be too carried away by the freedoms that social media offers, especially with regard to personal information.
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