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Peer to Peer - Kamu INDODAX Academy

Those of you who are experienced in the world of information technology must be very familiar with the term peer to peer. However, many people in general are still very unfamiliar with the term. Basically, peer to peer is a computer network composed of more than one computer in a certain environment so that they can share with each other.

In the crypto world, P2P is implemented to simplify and maintain system security in transacting crypto assets.

The meaning of the term P2P is that it is a system where members can interact with each other. The P2P system used by digital assets makes everyone involved in it have the same position and does not depend on third parties in transactions. This system does not have a central server and is not controlled by individuals/groups but is managed by all users in it.

P2P networks in the crypto world certainly have many advantages for each user. Some of the advantages of this network are:

  1. The installation process is very easy
  2. Efficient
  3. Cheap implementation
  4. Flexible
  5. Each investor can act as an asset holder and server, and
  6. Does not require an administrator to maintain the network.

In addition, p2p networks also do not require a specific OS or application for servers, network work activities do not focus on servers, and when an asset experiences problems, it will not have an impact on the network or other assets.

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