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Home / Glossary / judul_artikel (ETHFI) is a decentralized staking protocol that allows users to stake Ethereum (ETH) easily and securely. ETHFI is a utility and governance token at the core of the ecosystem. provides a decentralized platform for users to stake ETH and earn rewards in the form of ETHFI tokens. ETHFI token has two main functions:

Utility token for participation in ETH staking on the protocol.

A governance token that gives its holder the right to make decisions regarding the future of, such as treasury management and protocol upgrades. has managed to raise $32.3 million through multiple funding rounds, demonstrating strong support from the community. The total Value spiked in this protocol has also reached $2.96 billion or equivalent, which is a significant achievement.


Examples of usage in sentences

“ETHFI token holders can participate in the governance decision-making process of the protocol through a decentralized voting mechanism.”

“The crypto investor chose to stake ETH on the protocol in the hope of getting staking rewards in the form of ETHFI tokens.”

“With Total Value Staked reaching $2.96 billion, has become one of the most successful Ethereum staking protocols and has received a lot of support from the community.”


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