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CyberConnect is a decentralized web3 social network that enables developers to create social applications as well as giving users control over their digital identities, connections, and content. The platform aims to build a user-centric, decentralized social networking ecosystem.

CyberConnect provides the infrastructure for developers to build decentralized social applications by leveraging blockchain technology. CyberConnect’s key features include:

  • CyberAccount: a decentralized digital identity for users.
  • CyberGraph: A decentralized social connection layer.
  • CyberNetwork: Decentralized user content layer.
  • With this infrastructure, CyberConnect enables developers to create social applications that give users complete control over their identity, connections, and content. The platform also offers an easier registration process and a better social experience.

CyberConnect has a native token called CYBER, which functions as the main transaction tool in this platform ecosystem, such as to pay transaction fees or services.


Examples of Cyber connect in sentences

“The developer used CyberConnect to build a decentralized social networking application that gives users complete control over their data and privacy.”

“Using CyberAccount, I can securely manage my digital identity and choose what information I want to share on CyberConnect-based social applications.”

“CYBER tokens are used as a means of payment for transaction fees and services in the CyberConnect ecosystem, supporting the decentralized operations of social applications based on this platform.”


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