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Apa itu FPGA - Kamus Indodax Academy

Field Programmable Gate Array commonly abbreviated as FPGA is an integrated circuit that allows the customer or designer to reconfigure as needed after the manufacturing process.

This customization usually involves selecting and placing a set of gateways, switches, and routing channels. Programming varies depending on needs and goals.

However, it can be a single and simple logic gate or it may involve many complex functions. Users program them directly with programming languages ??such as Verilog or VHDL, to create custom hardware functions to suit their needs.

It should be noted that FPGAs are not actually new technology, but rather a combination of existing technologies that have been around for more than 40 years. If you’ve ever played around with Arduino boards, you’ll have some experience with FPGA technology.

Configuration of an FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Array can be done remotely, usually after it is installed in the final application. Because it is programmable, it is possible to use the same hardware for many different applications. It also makes the device usable for prototyping new designs at little upfront cost.

The main advantage of FPGAs over general-purpose processors is that they can be more efficient in terms of power usage, size, and speed. Each of these factors becomes more important as the amount of computation increases. FPGAs are much more flexible than programmatic ASIC implementations, making it possible to change hardware implementations without changing the software running on them.

FPGAs are used in applications ranging from crypto mining to audio processing. It provides a flexible alternative to application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), which are chips designed for a specific purpose and cannot be reused.

Examples of the application of FPGA technology include:

  1. Hearing Aids; FPA technology is used to make hearing aids that are cheaper but more powerful.
  2. Vending machine or vending machine.
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