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Cardano is a blockchain platform with more advanced features than other previously released protocols.

Bitcoin Trading: Buy When You Go Up, Sell When You Go Down

Buy bitcoin or crypto-asset when prices are low and sell when prices are high. However, if you want to get consistent profits when trading Bitcoin, then buy when "prices will rise, and sell when prices will fall".

What to Do After Registering before Starting Trading?

Want to learn about blockchain and crypto assets? and want to know how to registering indodax before trading? login at right now!

Crypto Asset Classification Based on Blockchain Type

Blockchain is a collection of data blocks that are connected and bound to one another. Blockchain can allow crypto asset transaction processes to run on a peer-to-peer basis without having to rely on a centralized server.

Learning Bitcoin, What Causes Prices to Go Up and Down?

Hello, Indodax member. This time, we will learn about bitcoin by knowing how bitcoin prices go up and down. What are the factors? Then, why did […]

Learn Bitcoin? Here are 5 Crucial Tips!

Rather than sporadically pressing buttons, trading requires the right decision-making strategy. This is also a way to learn bitcoin trading for novice traders.

Classification of Crypto Assets by Category

Tokens and Coins, in addition to prices based on supply and demand from the holders of its crypto assets, there are also tablets that process the price formation based on different ways

Bitcoin Trading? Don’t Use Your Emergency Fund!

Learning to trade bitcoin for beginners is often exposed to panic buying or panic sell. Then, don't use your emergency fund!


Support is the lower limit of the price that traders in the capital market will find difficult to break within a certain period of time