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Market Taker

Market Takers accept orders placed (to execute a buy or sell at the quoted price). This is the basic settlement of market trading: someone makes an offer, and someone else accepts it

Soon, Tonga Adopts BTC Follow El Salvador’s Steps

Tonga adopts BTC (Bitcoin)? The answer: SOON. A country in the Pacific Islands is indeed widely mentioned will adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender in their territory.

Market Maker

Market makers act as traders who promote liquidity in the market to ensure efficiency in trading by holding large amounts of assets that can be bought or sold in a very short time

Walmart Prepares to Explore Crypto World and Present NFT

Walmart Inc., the US-based department store giant, is gearing up to launch NFT.

“Ghozali Everyday”: Sold His Selfies as NFT and Becoming a Billionaire

As many have reported, Ghozali has converted and sold nearly 1,000 of his selfies as NFT. Ghozali said that he took selfies for 5 years, between the ages of 18 and 22 (range 2017-2021), as a way of looking back on his graduation journey.

Indodax Market Signal January 17, 2022 – These are the Profitable Cryptos for You

the Indonesian Blockchain industry was just shocked by Ghozali, a 22-year-old student in Indonesia who managed to sell a collection of selfies into NFT at a fantastic price.

Let’s see how to do arbitration at Indodax

Arbitration is referred to as the "arbitrageur" or "arbitrator." These arbitrageurs also have many challenges in the arbitration process

Complete Info about Mega City Sales and Prices for The Sandbox

Mega City, the newest cool neighborhood in The Sandbox Metaverse, is launching soon. As for the price of The Sandbox itself, you can see in this article.

NFT Printing Guide to How to Buy Ethereum What You Need to Know

The guide on how to buy NFT or non-fungible tokens is basically not difficult. The reason is, in this case, initially you just have to merge the crypto wallet into the existing blockchain platform.