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Trezor is a sophisticated device made specifically to secure Bitcoin transactions.

Pump and Dump

When prices reach the top, traders who do pump and dump will sell all of their digital assets (dump) so that prices fall. Read more here!

Get to know HITOP, the new ERC20 crypto asset on Indodax

HITOP is an integrated Reward Marketing Platform that supports all users to easily join and use various services by building an open ecosystem based on blockchain platform.

Get to know MBX, the new Klaytn crypto asset on Indodax

The MBX token is a public token that has a market value in the public chain. It serves as the top tier currency in the token ecosystem.

Get to know Defigram (DFG), Now Available on Indodax!

Defigram can communicate with Telegram communities and users without barriers. Curious? Let’s read more here!

Types of Candlesticks, Which is the Most Potential?

Understanding the types of candlesticks is essential for those who want to enter the world of trading. Read more here!

Indodax Market Signal 04 July 2022

Happy early July, Indodax friends! At the beginning of this month, there were several coins in the Indodax market signal that could be recommended and could help the portfolio go green again.

Financial Freedom — Definition and How to Achieve It

The term financial freedom is often heard and is related to the financial sector which is one of the important factors in life.

What is Investment? Type, Example and How to Do It

Basically, investment is one of the strategic factors in economic activity. Investment is an effort of putting money/capital to make profit.