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When to Sell or Buy?

At this point, you must have understood how to read information from candlesticks, price trends, resistance support and also how to look for it on a chart that you have learned from the first episode of Indodax Academy.

Trend line and Indicators

There are 2 methods that can be used to find support and resistance on a digital asset chart. The first method you can find with visual observation is where you observe the area that is the peak and the valley in the price movement.

Get to Know Trend, Support and Resistance

Trading digital assets is more or less the same as trading principles. We buy at one price level and sell at a higher level. There is a term for this, namely Buy Low Sell High, i.e. buy low sell high. The second term is buy high sell higher or buy high and sell higher.

The Easy Way to Read Candlestick Charts

The candlestick has 2 colors, namely green and red candlesticks. Green candlestick means that the candle rises because the closing price of the period is higher than the opening price.

How to Register and Trade on Indodax

Want to learn about blockchain and crypto assets? Or tutorials on how to How to Register and Trade on Indodax? Learn more at Indodax Academy!

Differences in Digital Asset Trading, Forex and Stock Trading

The difference between crypto assets, forex, stocks in the world of trading is an important thing to know, especially for novice traders who want to dive into the world of investment.