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Millennials, Don’t FOMO Especially Panic Buying!

Did you know? At this time, the Millennial generation is the generation that dominates crypto asset investors. Based on the demographic report of investors in Indonesia […]

What is Candle Reversal? The definitions and types

The candle reversal pattern or candlestick reversal pattern is a candlestick pattern that can show traders about a change in trend, either from a downtrend to an uptrend or vice versa.

Indodax Market Signal October 17th, 2022

Tron (TRX) is at the top of the rankings! The increase occurred from October 13, 2022, and the price moved from the level of 925

Get to know the Descending Triangle Pattern and How It Works

Besides the ascending triangle, the descending triangle pattern is one of the well-known chart patterns among traders.

Free NFT Games: Definition to Best Recommended List

NFT game is a game that utilizes NFT technology in its game to provide a new experience for players to own game assets that can be traded and make a profit.

How to Read Candlestick Signals Simple and Accurate

In trading, there are various charts, and the candlestick is the most widely used. So, how to read it?

Slippage: Definition, Functions, and How to Avoid It

Slippage is basically a common term in trading, including crypto assets investment.

Gen-Z Trader: Manage Your Mental Health

Addiction to trading crypto assets often occurs in novice traders, especially Gen Z. But, how can you get addicted? How do you solve it?

Indodax Market Signal 10 Oktober 2022

We have a list of coins that have the potential to be bullish, one of which is the stable coin USDT, that might be a reference for you.