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Get to know LUNA, the new Mainnet crypto asset on Indodax

The Terra protocol is a leading open-source decentralized public blockchain protocol for algorithmic stablecoins.

Get to know KAVA, the new BEP2 crypto asset on Indodax

Kava is a software protocol that uses multiple cryptocurrencies to allow its users to borrow and lend assets without the need for traditional financial intermediaries.

Get To Know Fine Art: Development In The World of NFT and Its Potential

Fine art, like other types of artwork, is artwork produced from an expression of one's soul which is then realized through visual elements, ranging from points, lines, textures, colors, to fields.

Soft Fork

Soft forks are changes in crypto asset protocols that follow the new system, but also still follow the previous system, as long as they do not violate the rules of the new protocol.

Indodax Market Signal 28 March 2022 – Short Token Analysis

Short Token is a term for crypto assets, where even when the price of the asset drops, traders can still make profits

What is Airdrop Crypto and How is it Different from Bounty

Airdrop Crypto is one of the common ways to obtain crypto assets for free. In addition to airdrops, there is also another common method called bounty crypto.

What are Crypto Faucets? Types and How to Get It

Crypto faucets are one way to get crypto assets for free. There are several ways to obtain crypto assets including trading, mining, and airdrops.

Get to know BORA, the new Mainnet crypto asset on Indodax

BORA is a DApp platform designed to solve industry problems by distributing digital games and content and promoting user interaction using a dual blockchain structure and token ownership mechanism. This platform token is also known as BORA coin.

Get to know IMX, the new Mainnet crypto asset on Indodax

Immutable X is the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, with instant trade confirmation, massive scalability, and zero gas fees - without compromising user custody.