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Fintech Giant Company Paypal, Finalizes Bitcoin Trading in UK!

The fin-tech giant company from the United States, Paypal, which finalizes Bitcoin trading in the UK

This Blockchain-Based Music Platform, Just Got Funding!

Indodax Academy will discuss about a blockchain-based music platform startup that has just received funding.

Indodax Market Signals September 20, 2021 – ATOM, DOT, CELO

Indodax again discusses 5 crypto assets with bullish and bearish signals for the next week. Including BTC, OMG, ATOM, CELO and DOT.

These Three Countries Eyeing to Legalize Crypto!

Legalize crypto in honduras, guatemala and ukraine! Indodax Academy will discuss the three countries.

Are Crypto Assets Haram or Halal?

Based on Bahtsul Masail last June 2021, several Indonesian Ulama and Fiqh Experts agreed to recommend that Bitcoin and other Crypto Assets be Halal to be traded.


Solve.Care provides a complete blockchain-based healthcare system platform, where Solve.Care creates a distinct digital health network. These Digital Health Networks are called Care Networks, which were created and launched to serve different healthcare purposes.

This week, the ALT (Alitas) crypto asset will be listed on Indodax

Alitas coin, a basic infrastructure of a new generation of value running on top of the BSC offers various advantages.

Scalable Multichain Network for Innovation, Kusama!

Who here is a DOT handler? Kusama is a public blockchain network that runs the same codebase as Polkadot.

International Payments or Remittances on the Swipe Platform!

As you know, SXP is a crypto asset that runs on top of BEP20.