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Lightning Network

This new technology is also designed to make Bitcoin transactions as fast and inexpensive as possible. The Lightning Network is part of a newer class of crypto technologies, known as “layer 2” blockchains.


The word "metaverse" is a combination of two words from the prefix, namely "meta" meaning outside and "universe" or the universe. You could say "a world beyond our current world".

Want to Review Your Favorite Crypto Asset? Revain the Place!

Revain is an online platform for blockchain-based token reviews designed to enable developers to receive constructive feedback about their projects. The protocol also encourages authors to provide high-quality studies.

Indodax Market Signal October 11, 2021

Back to its popular strength, today BTC touched the price of 800 million rupiah! Congratulations to the BTC holders who are patiently waiting. Is it going […]

Bitcoin Prices Rise Again, Why?

On this day, one of the crypto assets, bitcoin, raised US $ 55,000 or 800 million rupiahs. Even though it hasn't touched the all-time high price above $60,000 last April, this news is quite good considering the recent red market events.

Tutorial on How to be a day traders

Be a day traders? Who here has a hobby of stalking? Episode 35 is perfect for you! We will discuss tips and tricks to become a day trader!

How to Minimize Losses as a Trader?

Trailing Stop Loss or TSL is a type of order that allows you to choose the maximum loss value or percentage in the transaction. TSL will move in the direction of the market trend, and the result of this technique is the highest profit, not from the entry price.

Monetary Authority of Singapore Grants Digital Token Trading License

Singapore financial regulator has authorized digital token trading licenses for two companies.

All-in-one Platform DeFi, Belt Finance! is a protocol that allows users to maintain the stability of their asset positions and get maximum returns with minimal risk, including automated vault incorporation and yield optimization strategies.