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What Is On-Chain And Off-Chain In The Crypto Ecosystem

Off-chain and on-chain are important in the crypto ecosystem as they relate to how transactions and information are stored and processed in the blockchain network.

Get to know the TRC-20 Wallet and the difference with ERC-20

TRC20 is a technical standard for building smart contracts on the Tron blockchain. So what's the difference with ERC20? Curious? Check out the full review here!

INDODAX Market Signal April 17, 2023

Hello INDODAX members! Entering the 3rd week of April, this week, the XRP crypto asset occupies the top position of the bullish trend, which is then followed by the KRD crypto asset.

What is Impairment Asset and How to Calculate It

Impairment is a permanent decline in the value of an asset. Let's find out what is meant by asset impairment and how to calculate it here!

Tapering and Investing: What Should Investors Look For?

What is Tapering and how does it affect your crypto investments? Come on, get answers and important information at INDODAX Academy!

Transaction Analysis: The Importance of Understanding Digital Cash Flows

Learn transaction analysis in the crypto world and why understanding digital money flows is so important. Let's see the full review on Indodax Academy!

Minting and Mining in the Crypto World

Cryptography and blockchain have become increasingly popular conversations, both of which have the potential to change the way you view the digital world, especially in digital […]

What is Volatility and How to Deal with It?

Volatility is a variable rate of fluctuation in the price of an asset. Let's look at a review of what volatility is and why it's important in trading crypto assets here!

Understanding Gas Fees in Crypto Transactions

This gas fee is calculated in gas units where this gas is a quantitative measure for processing blockchain transactions.