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About DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and its Development

Basically, DeFi or Decentralized Finance is one of the newest technologies that makes life easier.

What Is Blockchain Technology Who Can Change the World

Blockchain was originally used as a system that ran the first crypto currency, namely Bitcoin. It was developed in 2009 by a Japanese person named Satoshi Nakamoto—this name is supposedly anonymous.

Bearish and Bullish in Crypto: Definition to Market Conditions

Bearish and Bullish often describe market sentiment toward market conditions, especially regarding price movements.

Indodax Market Signal May 9th, 2022

This week, Tron (TRX) is at the top of the Bullish trend. Let's find out more as a reference in determining which crypto assets you can buy or sell!

Indodax Market Signal May 2nd, 2022

When the market is Bearish like this, there are short tokens that can help you make a profit, for example, XRPHEDGE is included in the Bullish ranks this week.

Learn Crypto Technical Analysis: Definition to Steps

Crypto technical analysis in the process will involve knowledge of mathematics and statistics, which are then presented in graphs

Reviewing the MACD Indicator: Definition, Types, and How to Read It

MACD is an indicator that provides an overview of the relationship between two moving averages in an asset price trend.

Get to know Duckie Land, Now Available on Indodax

Duckie Land is inspired by the love of every duck meme, duck emoji, duck character, and everything about ducks.

Get to know NBT, the new BEP20 crypto asset on Indodax

NanoByte is a cryptocurrency (crypto) project with a bold vision to drive crypto adoption and make crypto mainstream, with Indonesia as their first market.