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Exploring “investment for the Brain”: Types, Examples, and Tips

This type of investment is basically learning new knowledge to be able to enter the investment world later, hence the brain investment.

Indodax Market Signal 21 March 2022 – Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Gold Show Bullish Signs

Ethereum Classic (ETC) shows bullish momentum after breaking the EMA/200 price on March 19 at Rp 422 thousands, and currently, the price is at the range of Rp 530 thousand. Strong buying has pushed the price closer to the resistance at Rp 550 thousand. 

What is Mosaic Art: Its Application and Role in the NFT World

After being considered a setback—because of a lack of interest and attention to this type of craft—mosaic art has also gained hype or popularity again.

KYC Ways to Make Trading Safer on Indodax

KYC is a rule applied by financial service institutions to find out the identity of their customers, where the KYC program is based on Law Number 15 of 2002 concerning the Crime of Money Laundering. So, this law serves to monitor all customer transaction activities, including reporting suspicious transactions.

The Most Expensive Pokemon Cards: The Development and Future of NFT This Collectible Card

Along with the times and technology, a transformation took place: now, Pokemon cards have been collected as digital assets in the form of NFT. This also happened along with the high interest in collecting Pokemon cards. The Pokemon collection card which later became the Trading Card Game (TGC) also experienced an increase in transactions on eBay—a trading platform. According to available data, in 2020, the rate of buying and selling or trading this card jumped to 142%, which means that more than 4 million collection cards were sold there.

Get to know Project Senpai Anime, an NFT Adoption Program with Anime in Japan

Project Senpai—with anime senpai in it—which is present in Japan, has helped bring Non-Fungible Token (NFT) into the realm of pop culture

5 Mural Artists Who Successfully Sell Their Murals To Be NFT

The mural artists or mural artists of the world today are also included in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) hype wave.

For those who like to play games, WEMIX is here at Indodax!

Wemix is a blockchain ecosystem aimed at providing blockchain-based games and DApps with the infrastructure to run without barriers like high gas fees or low transaction speeds. 

Technical Analysis ZEC and ETH

The main players in crypto are evolving and there are signs that institutional demand continues to grow even if it is not reflected in prices.