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Fear Of Missing Out

Fear Of Missing Out refers to the fear that traders or investors feel about missing out on a potentially profitable investment or trading opportunity.


Fiat is a currency that has been designated as a legal form of money, usually backed by government regulations declaring it legal tender. The term fiat […]

All Time High (ATH)

The term “All-Time High” relates to the highest price that an asset has achieved on an exchange, for the current trading pair that is being referenced

Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy is a term used to describe how authorities adjust the tax rates and spending levels of a country.

7 Important Things to Trade Bitcoin on Indodax that Must Be Understood

For you who trades Bitcoin on Indodax or other crypto assets but still has no profit, here are 7 important things about trading crypto assets!

Tips How to Choose Good Exchanges

So before you start trading or arbitration, make sure the exchange place that you use has passed all the factors that I mentioned earlier. If an exchange cannot be trusted by one of these factors, it is better to avoid trading there.

Tips for Choosing and Detecting a Good and Reliable Exchange

The choice of crypto exchange is a crucial first step before entering the world of crypto assets.

Tips How to Trade From Home

For trading at home, it is very simple, it doesn't need a lot of things. All you have to do is prepare the gadget and internet connection that you want to use, you can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC in your home.


Waves is a dedicated open platform for Web 3.0 applications with a decentralized solution and supported by tools designed to make the process of developing and running dApps easier.