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All About Crypto Staking As Passive Income Alternative

Crypto staking or coin staking is one of the easiest ways / as an alternative to generating passive income aka passive (additional) income.

Introduction to Crypto Assets

Crypto assets are digital assets whose value is determined by the market, such as stocks and bonds, and can be traded on various crypto exchanges.

What is Yield Farming: How it Works, Risks, and Benefits

Yield farming can be an option to make crypto assets more valuable even though the price is decreasing.

ERC20 Wallet Recommendations for Keeping ERC20 Tokens

To date, most crypto coins were created on the Ethereum blockchain. It also makes it compatible with ERC20 tokens as a standard.

Indodax Market Signal August 1st, 2022

Indodax Market Signal: BTC, CHZ, DNT, DOT, DGX are crypto assets in the Bullish ranks this time! BTC can help your portfolios go green again.

About Axie and How to Buy It

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game metaverse that was launched in 2018. Metaverse game itself was developed by Sky Mavis.

Guide on How to Easily Create Unique NFT in OpenSea

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is increasingly popular with the birth of NFT Cryptopunks and a game called Crypto Kitties.


Coin are a type of crypto asset that runs directly on the blockchain system. For example, BTC that operates and functions on the Bitcoin blockchain or ETH that operates and functions on the ethereum blockchain.

List of Free Crypto Faucets Guaranteed to Give Rewards

Free crypto faucets can actually be one way that can be used to get digital assets for free.