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The Bored Apes, a Monkey NFT with Fantastic Value!

Bored apes is a fantastic value monkey NFT. This NFT has often been seen hanging around when NFT was hyping some time ago.

What Is Etherscan and How Does It Work? is an independent Ethereum-based block explorer. This application tracks blockchain transactions on the Ethereum network. Then, the application will display results like a search engine.

The Merge, The Best Move for Ethereum

The Merge is the right move to solve the problem of scalability, efficiency, and transaction speed. In the proof-of-stake method, those who act as transaction validators must only lock or stake several ETH tokens to contribute.

Get to know Lyfe (NEW), Now Available on Indodax!

The new LYFE will later have more functions, including being able to exchange it for property and get profit sharing from the property. The LYFE token initially ran on the BEP2 network, while the LLAND token ran on the ERC20 network.

Indodax Market Signal November 28th, 2022

OKB (OKB) this week, in the top position of the Bullish crypto market, you know! Besides OKB, what crypto assets are indicated bullish? Check out more here!

Get to know the Blockchain Wallet with the Guide on How to Make it.

Blockchain wallet is essential to know in the growing popularity of the blockchain world today. Read more here!

Why Terra Launched LUNA Classic?

The LUNA Classic (LUNC) is the original Terra LUNA coin following the recent UST/Luna collapse and the creation of the new Terra chain.

Get to know Reserve Rights (RSR), Now Available on Indodax

Reserve Rights token (RSR) is a crypto asset used to facilitate the stability of Reserve tokens.

Get to know H2O DAO (H2O), Now Available on Indodax

H2O DAO is BEP20 crypto asset and the world's first decentralized traffic distribution platform that adopts DAO governance. Curious? Come on, read more here!