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In the crypto world, "bounties" refer to incentive programs offered by crypto projects or blockchain companies to individuals or communities to perform certain tasks to help a project grow or improve its safety and quality.

What Is Arbitrum: A Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum Scalability

What is arbitration? arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution that improves the scalability of Ethereum offering high speed, let's find out more info here

What is Diversification? Strategy to Maximize Potential & Minimize Risk

Learn what diversification is and its strategies in crypto. Find effective ways to reduce risk & increase the profit potential in your portfolio.

Get to know the Crypto Market Share: Its Functions and Impact

Revealing the important role of market share in the crypto world. Learn how crypto dominance affects your market and strategy!

Badger DAO (BADGER) Now Available on INDODAX!

Good news for INDODAX traders because this week Badger DAO (BADGER) Coin will be listed on INDODAX. Don't miss it, let's see how to buy it here

Stargate Finance (STG) Coin Now Available on INDODAX!

STG crypto assets coming soon to INDODAX. Find out how stargate finance's omnichain protocol enhances the interoperability of its largest crypto network

What are Timestamps? Get to Know Its Role in the Blockchain World

Learn how timestamps play a crucial role in the crypto world, guaranteeing the security of transactions and building trust in the blockchain.

Indodax Market Signal Update July 17, 2023

Good news for INDODAX traders because the crypto assets XRP coin and Cardano (ADA) coin are bullish this week. Come on, check out what opportunities you get!

Understanding IPO: Procedure, Objectives, and Comparison with ICO

IPO is a golden opportunity! Understand the concept, purpose and difference with ICO. Don't waste a valuable investment opportunity by reading this article.