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Financial Freedom — Definition and How to Achieve It

The term financial freedom is often heard and is related to the financial sector which is one of the important factors in life.

What is Investment? Type, Example and How to Do It

Basically, investment is one of the strategic factors in economic activity. Investment is an effort of putting money/capital to make profit.

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic, principles come first, and the ETC story begins with phrases that most concisely capture its core philosophy; Code is Law.


Crypto faucet is an app or website that distributes small amounts of crypto assets as a reward for completing easy tasks.

QR code

QR code is a type of barcode that can be easily read by digital devices, which stores information as a series of pixels in a rectangular grid.


Counterparty is another party that participates in a financial transaction, and every transaction must have a counterparty in order for a transaction to take place.

Block Reward

Block Rewards are a number of digital assets that are obtained by miners who successfully process blockchain transactions.

Graphic Processing Unit

Graphical Processing Unit, or GPU, has become one of the most important types of computing technology, both for personal and business computing.

User Interface

User Interface (UI) is the conduit between human and computer interaction - the space where users will interact with computers or machines to complete tasks.