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Get to know ERGO, Now Available on Indodax

Every coin in Ergo is protected by a program in ErgoScript, which is a powerful and protocol friendly scripting language based on protocols.

Indodax Market Signal 25 April 2022 – Origin Protocol (OGN)

A week prior to Idul Fitri holidays, will it affect the price of crypto assets? One of them is Origin Protocol, a newcomer in the bullish crypto assets lineup. 

Guide on How to Calculate Crypto Profits on Investment

Sometimes traders also have to calculate trading profits quickly, change one cryptocurrency to another, and so on. On the other hand, considering the development of the Indonesian crypto world, which continues to develop recently, traders need guidance in calculating their funds.

All About NFT Generator, Easy Way To Create Your Own NFT

As the name implies, the NFT generator is directly related to the NFT or Non-Fungible Token (NFT)—a cryptocurrency token that is popular lately.

What is a Crypto Faucet and How to Use It

In terms, "faucet" itself means "faucet". Thus, the faucet can also be interpreted as a "drip". Therefore, this technique of acquiring crypto assets is known to have small rewards, like drops of water on a faucet.

Get to know CVC, the new ERC20 crypto asset on Indodax

Civic is a blockchain-based identity management solution that gives individuals and businesses the tools they need to control and protect personally identifiable information.

Get to know GLM, the new ERC20 crypto asset on Indodax

Golem (GLM) is an Ethereum token that allows users to pay or receive payments for resources via the Golem protocol. This protocol aims to allow participants in the network to lend the backup processing power of their computers to others.

Get to know Aelf (ELF), Now Available on Indodax

One of the crypto assets that works on the BEP20 network, aelf Enterprise provides flexible yet practical modularized blockchain solutions for enterprise-level users.

Reviewing the Price of BakeryToken (BAKE), Still Worth Buying in 2022?

The price of BakeryToken (BAKE) is important to know because this token is considered potential by a number of observers or analysts. As for now, a number of new tokens have started to appear that have the potential to be profitable as investment assets in the future, including BakeryToken.